Boat Fleet

At Bedford Rowing Club we are lucky enough to own an extensive fleet of more than sixty boats from our top Filippi boats through to training sculls for the absolute beginner.

Finally at the club we do offer limited racking for private rowing boats where a racking fee is payable and varies depending on type of boat and location.

The majority of the club’s oars are made by Concept 2 and are set to certain lengths and inboards which help tailor for an extensive and varied group of athletes from U14 girls and Masters to high performance rowers. 

The boats detailed below are “club” boats and are therefore available to members for use based on experience and crew weight:

Club Eights (5)

MRP – Stampfli (90kg)
Bombadier – Janousek (80kg)
King Offa of Mercier – Swift (70kg to 80kg)
Dick Breed – Janousek (75kg)
Chase Me – ERB (70kg)


Club Fours / Quads (19)

Dennis Peet – ERB (90kg)
VKB – Janousek (90kg)
Lydia – Janousek (88kg)
Dave Walton – Janousek (85kg)
Will Everitt – Janousek (85kg)
Maura – Janousek (83kg)
Eagle – Janousek (80kg)
Hayden – Janousek (80kg)
Xiphias Gladius – Janousek (73kg)
Rosebud – Janousek (70kg)
Bruce Willey – ERB (70kg)
John Mingay – Janousek (60kg)
Alison Dee – Carl Douglas (60kg)
John Lickfold – Filippi (TBC)
Swite – Filippi (TBC)
John Knight – Wintech (TBC)

Raleigh Explore – Wintech (80kg)
Drake Explore – Wintech (80kg)


Club Doubles / Pairs (15)

Jayne – Filippi (90kg)
UWE – Janousek (90kg)
Knight and Downing – Janousek (90kg)
Meat and Veg – Wintech (80Kg to 90kg)
Ouzel – Janousek (80kg)
Sadcat – Janousek (80kg)
Sara – Wintech (60kg to 80kg)
Shaftsbury – Swift (75kg)
Jacqui H – Janousek (70kg)
Moore’s Code – Burgashell (60kg to 65kg)
Kingsbrook – Carl Douglas (60kg)
Allan and Emma – Janousek (TBC)
Jack Pope – SIMS (TBC)

Frobisher Explore – Wintech (TBC)
Franklin Explore – Wintech (TBC)


Club Singles (23)

Newnham – Swift (85kg to 100kg)
Albany – Janousek (90kg Plus)
Rothsay – Janousek (90kg Plus)
Monkey Island – Lola (90kg Plus)
Ivan – TBC (86kg)
Blue – Burgashell (80kg)
Honeyhills – Swift (60kg to 80kg)
Duckmill – Swift (70kg to 80kg)
Rocky – Swift (60kg to 75kg)
Zippidy Doo Dah – Wintech (60kg to 75kg)
Dottie – ERB (73kg)
1987 – Janousek (60kg to 70kg)
Dave – Swift (55kg to 70kg)
Apus Melba – Burgashell (60kg to 65kg)
Nug – TBC (60kg to 65kg)
120 – Swift Trainer (TBC)
121 – Swift Trainer (TBC)
122 – Swift Trainer (TBC)
123 Adaptive Rowing – Swift (TBC)
Arnie – Burgashell (TBC)
106 – Swift (TBC)

Scott Explore – Wintech (55kg to 105kg)
Cook Explore – Wintech (55kg to 105kg)