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Bedford Autumn Fours and Small Boats Head – Sunday 10th October 2021
2000m course downstream on the River Great Ouse

The Head was due to take place on 10th October. The Council have now denied us access to their land on this date, and we are trying to reschedule to 24th October.

BROE is open for entries

This Head Race will be run under British Rowing’s Personal Ranking System, as defined in British Rowing Rules of Racing Rule 3.

Racing will be in seven divisions under the Rules of British Rowing, the British Rowing Rules of Racing and the RowSafe Code.

Division times

Division 1 09:00

Division 2 10:15

Division 3 11:30

Division 4 13:00

Division 5 14:15

Division 6 15:30

Division 7 16:45

Please note that racing in consecutive divisions is possible, though not recommended.
If you are unable to make it to the Start on time, you will be prevented from racing, and may not be able to race in a subsequent division unless there is sufficient space.

Entry Fees

Fours/Quads (J14 and above) £48

Doubles/Pairs (J16 and above) £24

Single sculls (J16 and above) £12

Medals will be presented to each status winner where at least two crews start.
Entries will only be accepted via BROE, available at https://broe2.britishrowing.org/
We now accept online payments from BROE.

Entries will open on no earlier than 4th September 2021.
Entries will close when sufficient paid-up entries are received, or at 12pm on Sunday 17th October. The draw will take place at 2pm at Bedford Rowing Club on Sunday 17th October.


See here for entry statistics in the fullness of time. Please note that there is a manual step our Entries Secretary has to do before this updates.

Important Documents
Information for Competitors

Bedford Head: Local Rules
Bedford Head – Welfare Plan
Bedford Head – Safeguarding Children Plan


We are reliant on the goodwill of Bedford Borough Council for the use of Longholme for trailer parking at our events throughout the year.

There is plenty of passenger parking available nearby at Aspects Leisure Park.

The riverside grass area is to be treated with respect and all litter is to be removed.

** We reserve the right to take action against clubs who disregard these requests.  **