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April 13, 2020

Captain’s Report March 2020

  Captain’s report March 2020


Last month three storms wrecked our training and competition with everything cancelled for high wind or high water. This month another natural disaster has us all confined to our homes hiding from the virus pandemic known as Covid-19. British Rowing has advised that all rowing-based activity should stop and so we have closed the boathouse completely. We all hope that this will be for as short a time as is safe and that we can get back to doing what we enjoy. The only training we can do is as individuals at home. I take notice that the coaches are still in touch with the squad members and that there is still some fitness work happening.

The domestic regatta season has been suspended



There is nothing to report on the fleet except that four blades that I sent for repainting in October have been returned to the rack.

Club News

Rowing Camp has been cancelled for the time being. The hotel has taken a deposit which is non refundable and all other bookings have been cancelled without cost. The hotel is holding our deposit and are willing to rebook the trip at another time. We were considering October half term as the next option when the juniors will be available en masse (we didn’t want to upset the summer racing). It seems we will have to wait to see how this virus situation changes over the next couple of months to make that decision.

Junior Rowing

As for the rest of the club all junior activity is cancelled.


The week before lockdown we started a new learn to row course. There were 12 applicants spread over the weekend and they all had one lesson. Money was taken from 6 of the applicants which we still hold. All 12, when told of the gradual cessation of rowing activity, showed an interest in carrying on. Then, when told of the closure of the club, all 12 expressed their disappointment and desire to carry on. I will be in touch with them all as soon as I can reopen the course. We will restart the course offering 8 lessons, the first one we had will be regarded as a freebie.

For the ladies of the last course we have been running a developmental group with Peter Gell coaching and the ladies’ quad he coaches providing experience in the boat. Going forward I want to include Lynda Elliott in the Explore+ group as well as the learn to row. The committee need to decide how much, if anything, I can pay Lynda to do this role in the club.


Forthcoming events

As I write this report we should have been on the river at our SBH but all events are now cancelled for the time being.