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February 1, 2018

Captain’s Report February 2018


February saw the Club’s money spinning event – the 4s & 8s Head. A full day of racing was had and the club made a good profit. All club members should remember that without their help this event would not be run as well and then the comments made in the rowing press would not be so complimentary (Rowing & Regatta Feb/Mar page 40).

Trent Head – This event saw the first row of the BRC/Star composite in the MasE8+ and another in MasD8+. The MasC8+ won their event even with a girl sitting in the bow seat! Our senior men won Tier2.4-. It was a long, very cold day but good results.


February was going well until the weekend of Trent Head. Unfortunately Dennis Peet was blown from trestles during the derigging on Saturday which resulted in the bow section being scored and punctured by a stone when it fell to the ground. Then, during the row to the start, the Swift 8 hit a submerged pallet in the river which was bristling with nails. This resulted in several deep scores along the hull. On inspection we were quite surprised that we weren’t taking on water due to the depth of the damage

Club News

The gazebo is now on order and should be with us before the Easter training camp.

I am preparing a letter to go to the Gale Family Trust to ask for sponsorship for the Juniors – a possibility of £2000.

Training camp is moving forward. I am waiting for the site to send me the deposit invoice. The coaches are organising a meeting to work out the training schedules and we are meeting with the junior parents to make sure that all documentation is complete for a residential away trip as per the British Rowing recommendations.

Junior Rowing

The junior section was due to row at the Eastern Region Trials in Peterborough during the weekend of 3-4 March but due to the weather conditions this was cancelled. The selection process has now been moved to the Champs Junior Sculling Head in Cambridge on 18 March.

We have a new coach who will work with the J16 boys. Adam Hughes is a police officer in Luton and a level 2 coaching certificate holder. He was a lightweight oarsman and has worked with other clubs in their junior sections. We should get him DBS checked as soon as possible.


This group carries on despite the weather. We have some members that come and go but they still pay membership so they are still welcome

Forthcoming events

Tideway 8’s Head: 11 March

Tideway Veterans: 25 March

Club training camp: Easter holiday