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December 1, 2017

Captain’s Report December 2017


December is always a quiet time event wise.

This month has seen 5 of our senior squad in competition at the Sculler’s Head on the Tideway. I commented on this in my last report as it was at the beginning of December.

A substantial group of the juniors competed in the British Indoor Rowing Championships alongside some of the British National Rowing Squad, Sir Bradley Wiggins and a whole host of rowing clubs and gyms from around the country. Individually there were some good performances and as a group were exceptional – a great representation of the club.

The other event in December was the Boxing Day Scratch Regatta. What a day!!!

We had enough adults in the clubhouse to make 5 senior mixed 8s and enough juniors to make 3 quads. The MRP trophy was awarded by Mike Perry to the winning 8 with your Captain defending his title from 2016. For the first time this year the John Smith Memorial trophy was awarded to the winning junior quad. The juniors are now such a large group in the club I thought it only fair to include them in the event in some way. The trophy was given to the club to remember John Smith who was so influential when the club was extended. Let’s carry this on as a new tradition.


The fleet is still in a state of good repair. Even with all the high water recently we have only had a small incident that has been repaired in house. Keep that up.

I have contacted Swift (Dom Vincent) with the intention of buying a mobile trolley for the training single sculls. At the moment I am waiting for a quotation which should arrive in the next week or so. When we get to order the trolley it will free up some space on the racks and so the hulls that are sitting on trestles at the moment will be able to go back onto the racking making the aisles clear again. Please be patient.

Club News

The new lockers are being used but I am surprised that there aren’t more of you using them. They are installed outside the men’s locker room in plain sight of the cctv and are intended for use by the whole club. Rowers are invited to secure their valuables in the lockers with their own padlock which is removed after their exercise. They are there to keep your belongings safe. If you feel your kit bag is secure then that’s great but if anything goes missing, I tried to help.

The photos that were taken back in October are still available and if anybody wants a copy of the original files just let me know. There is now an enlarged copy of the group that is to be hung in the clubhouse.

Forthcoming events

Star Head: 14 January

Peterborough Head: 3 February

Bedford 4’s & 8’s: 11 February

Trent Head: 25 February

Tideway 8’s Head: 11 March

Cambridge Winter League: 21 Jan, 18 Feb, 17 Mar.

Club training camp: Easter holiday

For John Mingay

My apologies for my absence – I have to work from time to time and will be in Sidcup all week.

Apologies also from Martin Fraser who has been in hospital since Friday last week with a bladder infection.

Points for the committee

  1. The leak into the boathouse in the eights bay is coming from the pressure pump below the sinks in the ladies’ toilets. While cleaning up a sink overflow situation the pump was noticed and the pile of sodden, mouldy tissues below the pump was the giveaway. Chris Rodney has been approached to source either a repair kit for the existing pump or a new unit if repair is not possible.
  2. Club photo now in your possession. To be hung in a place of prominence.
  3. Boat trolley – I am waiting for a quote from Swift. My contact is on holiday skiing so it should be available next week. I just need confirmation that I can spend the money.
  4. Opportunity to sell old wooden blades – I am still investigating and will advise when I have more information
  5. From Martin Fraser – a Fire Drill to be planned for later in the month. Martin to liase with Liz Redman for a convenient and proper time – it would be no good doing it when there is nobody to evacuate!

From Martin Fraser – BRC and Star club safety teams are conversing about the safety of crews during the high river levels. An awareness of weather and river level predictions must be taken into account when allowing crews onto the river.